Tips and Tricks for Incoming Grade 5 Students by Maha K.


Writer of the Month By: Michael A.


Each month, the essays, poems, and stories written by students are displayed outside of the school library. The teachers and Mrs. DellaFave read through the children’s work to decide whose writing will be in the spotlight.

Writer of the month is specifically chosen by the best article in the grade. This is a very big accomplishment to be chosen out of the whole grade. Keep writing to get this achievement and do not give up if you don’t.

There are many steps that you can take to attempt to be recognized. Try to write a detailed story that describes you, something interesting, or something recent/ local. Remember to know your audience. Popular topics are more likely to get the attention of students walking down the hallways.

I hope these tips helped you either get writer of the month or helped you become a better writer. Who knows, you might be the next Dr. Suess! Writer of the month is amazing to achieve so work your hardest and stay focused.

Keep writing, Washington!